City Chic Weddings Yorkshire

City Chic Weddings Yorkshire

Your choice of wedding and reception venue are undoubtedly the most important parts of planning your big day. It dictates so much of the mood, the order of events, and the design elements that go into it. While many couples immediately opt for the classic countryside wedding, taking advantage of gorgeous natural backdrops, some do prefer the city chic wedding for a host of reasons.


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City Chic Weddings Yorkshire


We recently provided a styled shoot at the Crowne Plaza in the Leeds City Centre. It afforded us the opportunity to play with styles that we don’t get to use as often, and we utilized colours of indigo and gold to create a theme that was bold, modern, and undeniably chic. During that shoot, we were reminded all too well why more and more couples are turning to the city chic wedding.


The sheer convenience for you and your guests

One of the big benefits that cities offer over more remote locations is the advantageous travel options available to everyone. We’re used to wedding involving a cross-country trek, often with a bus or coach hired at the expense of the bride or groom.


City weddings can still require a drive, but it’s often a simpler route for those driving cars. For those without, planes, trains, and buses can connect them to the venue much more easily. What’s more, it’s a lot easier to find affordable lodgings if someone wants to arrive in advance of the wedding or to stay for a while after.


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City Chic Weddings Yorkshire


The buzz of the city

There’s a romance to the urban sprawl that’s not lost on a lot of modern couples. Cities can bring a feeling of excitement and activity to a wedding that sleepier countryside venues might not immediately have.


City weddings also have a chic appeal that makes some excellent style options and themes more readily available. They’re perfectly suited for more contemporary or off-the-wall tastes, whether you want to go trendy, a little more artsy and bohemian, or you want to play up the modern luxe angle of the day.

City Chic Weddings Yorkshire
City Chic Weddings Yorkshire


A more diverse range of venues

We don’t want to detract from the diversity of settings you can find out there in the natural world. Remote resorts, beaches, sprawling fields, groves, castles, there are wedding venues in every kind of space imaginable. However, when it comes to sheer style, there’s no denying that there’s a wealth of choice to be found in the city.


From the indulgent opulence of the deluxe hotel to the eclectic styles of smaller, more boutique venues, it might be easier to find something better suited to the theme and atmosphere of the wedding you’re planning if you take a trip into the city. There’s real originality and creativity to be found in city venues.


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City Chic Weddings Yorkshire

A gorgeous backdrop for photos

To some people, the wedding day photos can be almost as important as the wedding day itself. If there’s a nearby daffodil field, river, or white cliff to a countryside venue, you can be sure your photographer will want to use it. However, just because they might not have those features doesn’t mean that cities aren’t full of excellent photo opportunities.


Shooting in the city centre of Yorkshire can be incredibly rewarding, with the city providing a living, moving backdrop that provides a wide host of photograph opportunities. You can make excellent use of the venue itself, of course, but you can also capitalise on some impressive local architecture, landmarks, and cutesy urban scenes.


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City Chic Weddings Yorkshire

It’s much easier to plan

Planning a wedding can be challenging at the best of times, to put it lightly. Besides the venue and your guests, you have to consider all the vendors, caterers, and other companies responsible for pulling it all off. It’s a big team effort with many moving parts and many couples would gladly do what they can to make it at least a little easier. With a city venue, your wedding is much more accessible to wedding service providers. There’s no need to worry about how or when they get there if you’re having a wedding that’s practically on their doorstep, so you can relax and enjoy it.


When it comes to choosing between countryside and city weddings, it’s hard, if not impossible, to choose a preference. However, our recent styled shoot at the Crowne Plaza was a perfect reminder that people love city weddings for a reason. Could the urban sprawl offer what you’re currently missing from your country wedding plans?



Models: Abigail & Craig

Venue: Crown Plaza LeedsCity

Photos: Lee Call Photography

Flowers: Down to Earth florists

Rustic letters: Glow of Love

Cake: Cakes by Leisa

Dresses: Bridal Studio at Roberttown

Suits: Antich Fine English Tailors

Hair: Cadders Hair

Stationery: Just Lovett Design


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City Chic Weddings Yorkshire