Top Tips

Thank you for choosing to exhibit at a Johnson & Saunders – Wedding Fayres Yorkshire event. We endeavour to help exhibitors wherever we can; to do well out of our events, to grow as a business, and help you achieve your dream.

We want you to get the most out of our events, raise your profile and ultimately gain sales. To help with this we have put together this short document which highlights a few simple things that can help you attract potential customers on the day.

Display and your image

This may seem like an easy task but think about how you want customers to see you and what image you want to create. Branding is essential in pulling in the potential client. If a customer can connect with your image and brand they will be more inclined to approach you.

Your stand should demonstrate a good selection of your product. This could displaying a variety of what you can offer or a sample from your range.

For businesses that are new to the wedding industry, you might be concerned about how much stock you have and whether or not you have enough stock to display. A good way to avoid a table looking bare is to accessories. Draped material, rose petals, crystals whatever you like – get creative!

Make a personal connection – sell yourself!

Once your stand has attracted a customer, the second thing a bride could be swayed by, is you.
People buy from people they like. A positive and helpful attitude can go a long way on a Sunday morning.

You have a limited amount of time to capture a bride or groom’s attention as they walk by you. A good way to make sure they stop is to offer them something. Novelty giveaways, pens or sweets are a good way of bringing someone to your stand.

At events we see exhibitors sat behind their table playing on their phones and it drives us crazy! Stand up, come around to the front and engage people – make sure they know you’re there.

Data capture and after the event

This has proven to be a very lucrative tool for generating sales after the event.

With contact details you can get in touch with a bride after the event, emailing them pictures and testimonials, inform them of new products or even offering deals.
All of the above can takes time to master. We are on hand to help and support you in any way we can. We have access to designers, printers and we can help you with your branding and marketing.

If there is anything you want to ask, we are here for you. Our fayres are only as good as you, the exhibitors, say they are so lets make them work for you!