Grow Your Wedding Business During COVID-19

Grow Your Wedding Business During COVID-19

There’s no denying that the rise and spread of COVID-19 has impacted the wedding industry and related businesses. While it’s unchartered territory, now isn’t a time to stop marketing your business or hide from your customers.

There are ways to grow your wedding business during COVID-19 and make sure you’re prepared when communities do open up, and people move forward with their weddings. With the right approach, you can expand and market your wedding business and set yourself up for future success. It’s time to be creative and innovative and put in the hard work so that your wedding business continues to thrive when the dust settles.

Build Your Online Presence

One way you can grow your wedding business during COVID-19 is to build a strong online presence. Since people can’t and aren’t mingling with each other as much in person or attending events to learn more about your business, you must use online resources and platforms to your advantage. There are technology tools available that will help you market your wedding business virtually and stay in close touch with your clients and couples. Use social media to spread the word about your services and engage with customers. Now is the perfect time to update your blog and website and make sure it looks and reads the way you want it.

Communicate Effectively & Consistently

Although COVID-19 is separating us physically, it doesn’t mean you should disappear or go into hiding as a wedding business. Instead, ramp up your communication with your clients and get in touch with them to check-in and provide them with tips for working through this uncertain situation. Let your clients and potential customers know how you can help them navigate the choppy waters and in what ways you’ll be there for them when there’s a sense of normalcy again. Be proactive and reach out to offer your expert advice and suggestions for how they can continue to stay positive and work through these trying times. Continuing to offer exceptional client service even during this lull will help your wedding business stay afloat and take off in the right direction.

Brush up on Your Skills

You can also grow your wedding business during COVID-19 by brushing up on your skills. It’s an excellent opportunity to educate yourself and learn ways to improve your services and business as a whole. Take online classes or courses and study your competitors so you can continue to grow and innovate your wedding business, industry knowledge, and skill set. Work on becoming one of the best in the business so that customers turn to you when they require wedding services.   

Make Connections

Grow your wedding business during COVID-19 by continuing to make new connections and strengthen current relationships. You’re going to have to take a different approach because of the current restrictions, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Referrals continue to be essential in the wedding game and industry, so it’s important clients continue to talk and share about you with their networks. Update your profiles and business pages online and on social media platforms and networking sites. You can also reach out to past clients and ask them to write a review or testimonial online that other customers can view.

It would help if you also utilised your network and wedding community to see what they’re doing to grow their businesses during COVID-19. In times of crisis, people are more likely to come together and want to help one another out. See what your local professional wedding organisations and associations are suggesting and what tips they’re offering to help you stay on your feet and grow your wedding business.

Get Your Finances in Order

Now is a wise time to look over your finances and get your books in order if they aren’t already. You must be aware of your financial situation and the numbers you need to hit to maintain a steady flow of business now and in the future. Be prepared to address and explain your deposit and cancellation policies with your clients and to encourage them to stick to the plan even though their wedding date may have to be pushed back. An ideal situation is to postpone events instead of cancelling them and to focus on booking new weddings for dates down the road.

Look to the Future

The reality is that businesses and couples aren’t going to remain in lockdown forever. Therefore, look to the future and begin planning how you’re going to return to the scene stronger than ever. Begin planning for and securing wedding fayres so that you’re ready to present your wedding business and services to customers when the opportunity presents itself. There will be a big rush to compete with as soon as everyone receives the green light to open up. Therefore, get ahead of the curve and book your marketing and promotional events now, so you have a seat at the table.

Remain Flexible

Your clients are going to be anxious about what this disruption means for their big day. Be there to support and guide them through the uncertainty. Grow your wedding business during COVID-19 by remaining flexible and not turning clients away or off. It may require you to adjust contracts, timelines, and expectations to maintain relationships and business and ensure that the events still go on in the future. Avoid panicking and focus on what you can do to be helpful and useful to your clients. Be patient and stay positive so you can keep your brides and couples calm and confident that the show must and will go on.


While it may be challenging to grow your wedding business during COVID-19, it is possible when you put these actions and ideas into practice. Avoid worrying about what may or may not happen and focus on what you do have control over. You’ll likely find many of your customers are receptive to your approach and are willing to stick by your side and even promote your wedding business on your behalf if you make wise business and management decisions.


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