Hands Face Space – The Wedding Edition

Hands Face Space – The Wedding Edition

Hands, face, space is a tagline that’s become embedded into daily life over the past few months; of course while we value this as a vital instruction in overcoming the Pandemic so we can finally return to our much loved Wedding Fayre circuit, we wanted to take a look at how we might apply these elements to the wedding planning process.

Often, smaller details can be overlooked; with the dress, for many, becoming the main priority, and the ever-changing guest lists taking precedence at the moment, we decided to put our heads together with some of the leading industry professionals who use this mantra in the day to day running of their businesses… 

So, let’s start with hands. 

Of course, the most iconic tradition surrounding hands, is the exchanging of the rings during the ceremony; it’s believed that the rings symbolise undying commitment and eternal love between the couple because the circle has no beginning or end. Whilst it would seem many of the items on the wedding planning agenda can belong to one person or the other, the process of choosing and exchanging rings is one which a couple can do together.

We asked Sara, of Kingston Jewellers in Barnsley, what tips she might offer when it comes to considering ‘hands’ on the wedding planning prep-list! 

‘’One of our most rewarding parts of our work as a Jewellers is when couples come to choose their wedding rings. At Kingston Jewellers we ask the bride to wear her engagement ring if she has one as this is an important consideration, her wedding ring needs to sit comfortably and snugly together on her hand; there are a few other tips for our couples besides remembering to wear your engagement ring. We obviously have to measure their wedding ring fingers. On a very warm day your fingers will be larger in size than if it’s a cold day so we have to take this in consideration and make sure the ring gauge is not too tight on a warm day or too loose on a cold day. 

We can make rings to fit all sizes of fingers and have made wedding rings from a tiny size E up to a rather big Z+7! We want our customers’ wedding rings not only to a comfortable fit but also a secure one.’’

Wedding rings

Sara also has a tip for the key workers and front-line staff among us; suggesting that if you have a very hands-on job, to consider choosing one of the more hard-wearing of the precious metals, palladium or titanium for example. Or perhaps if you’re in a medical profession that doesn’t permit you to wear jewellery with stones in, you could buy a less expensive ring for everyday wear, investing in a diamond or something more sparkly for special occasions! 

Charlotte from Charlotte Elizabeth Photography says;

‘’Hands play a huge part in wedding photography. The most obvious example is with the exchange of the rings. This section of the day is completely focused on the hands of the couple, but hands are also important in other aspects of the wedding day. Holding a speech, wiping away a tear, or helping grandparents down the stairs…and I love to capture these moments as closely as possible.’’ 

wedding dress

Another piece of handy advice, again, for both men and women, is to consider looking after your hands in the run up to your big day! More often than not, your hands will feature in close up photographs; the twinkle of the rings perhaps, a Groom pinning on his Groom’s buttonhole; the camera will capture all the little details – including the nerve-bitten nails and the paper cut from folding and unfolding your speech so many times! 

Consider investing in a good quality moisturiser to use in the few weeks running up to your big and be mindful of nail biting! Many Brides will of course opt for a timeless French manicure, but guys, the clue is in the name, man-i-cure! Get yours booked too! 

Speaking of manicures, what better way to show off a fresh polish than carrying a beautiful bouquet; we spoke to Sharon from Down to Earth Florist in Batley who gave us a helping hand when it came to understanding the different types of handles and holders available for your bridal flowers! 

wedding flowers

‘’There are various options when it comes to the stems of your bouquet; bridal sheafs, bouquet holders or a hand tied posie… while a bridal sheaf is carried over the arm, other styles might need to be carried with both hands, depending on the size – those who don’t wish to carry exposed stems should probably opt for a bouquet holder, which can comprise of ribbons or decorative brooches to compliment your scheme, with some Brides opting for a photo charm in memory of a loved one.’’

wedding flowers

Of course, hands can be the most obvious giveaway when it comes to nerves, so carrying something can busy your hands and eliminate any shakiness you might have! If you’d prefer not to carry a bouquet, perhaps consider an alternative in a lucky horseshoe or modern floral hoop? 

Let’s Face it…

There are plenty of ways to disguise anxious hands, but what about those of us who’s nerves are written all over their face? Wedding planning can be tricky at the best of times, yet alone amidst a Pandemic, so how can we combat the signs of stress and sleepless nights in time for the big day? 

Try, where possible to get plenty of sleep; at least seven uninterrupted hours a night in the run up to the big day; if you’re struggling to drift off; perhaps try some natural herbal teas, or soothing music to help! 

Karen Huffinley, lead Hair and Makeup Artist from Get Gorgeous in Ossett has kindly shared with us some top skincare tips and they  don’t have to cost the earth; in fact some are pennies or completely free!

‘’ Firstly Drink more water, this isn’t only essential for your skin, its improves all the body’s functions and can prevent fatigue; within a couple of weeks you will see and feel a difference.’’ 

Karen also suggests avoiding any soaps or products which can be drying for the skin; daily, gentle exfoliation and a specially formulated facial cleanser are far more suited to delicate skin. Remember, that everyone has a different skin type, so it’s important to find the products that are best suited to your skin type! There are some simple at home checks you can do to determine your skin type!

‘’Your make up can only look as good as your skin, so just adopting these few basic steps will make sure you are looking your best on your wedding day.’’

Wedding Make up

Your hairstyle can go a long way in framing your face too! Make sure to pick something that you feel comfortable with for your big day; if you go too far out of your comfort zone, you might not feel yourself, and this can reflect in your whole demeanour! 

Something else to consider, is a bridal veil… 

We spoke to Sallyanne Hendry of Everafter Bridalwear in Batley who had lots of fabulous advice when it comes to blushing Brides! 

‘’The Blusher which is the shorter layer of the veil is often worn over the face and is often referred to as a two-tier veil…’’

She said that while there are no hard and fast rules, many Brides still like to wear a veil; there’s something really romantic about the veil-reveal during the ceremony! There are other options of course, and veils don’t have to be worn over the face.

‘’Nowadays the veil is a popular bridal accessory but not every bride wants one and it is the Brides choice at the end of the day. But once a veil is tried on the romantic look it gives is often a game changer! Nowadays the veil is generally worn attached to a comb at the back of the head.’’

wedding veil

Sallyanne said it’s important to think about the overall look you are going for when choosing a veil, as well as the practicalities! Veils come in lots of different lengths and styles, and as with the flowers, there are lots of alternatives too!  

‘’Second Time around brides or more mature ladies generally don’t want a veil and instead choose a hair comb or flowers. A bird cage veil which is a short veil attached to a hat or a flower and covers just part of your face and is often a popular choice!  Whatever you choose, it’s your day your way!’’

It’s important to consider your Photographer too! If you feel comfortable with the person taking your pictures, it will really show! As it would if you were uncomfortable or nervous! It’s important to find someone who you can relax around; Charlotte from Charlotte Elizabeth Photography shared some tips about how she gets to know a couple to make sure they get the most from their big day photography!

‘’A wedding is home to a whole range of facial expressions. There’s laughs, tears, and everything in between. It’s my job to capture all of them, and using a natural, documentary style photography that’s exactly what I do. The key to photographing the best facial expressions is to make sure everyone feels relaxed and there are a few ways I do this…’’

Charlotte takes the time to get to know as many Guests as she can when she arrives to photography your big day; if people know who she is, they’re less likely to shy away. She says although it’s a small gesture, taking the time to say a quick Hello to everyone can make the World of difference. She also let us into a little industry secret; playing games! Often getting natural, honest facial expressions can be tricky with someone who is camera shy, so she finds that sometimes, a game or a joke can evoke the most genuine smiles and the camera is almost forgotten about! Perhaps her top tip though, is always to get used to being in front of the camera by taking part in a pre-wedding photoshoot, which all of her packages include!

‘’ All my wedding packages include a pre-wedding session for the couple. During this session we talk about poses, what you’re comfortable with, and if there are any specific images you’d like to capture. You get the chance to see these images a few weeks before the wedding, and tell me if there’s anything you love, hate or would like to change (a few couples realise they prefer standing on one side of their partner at this session!)’’


Often, a pre-wedding photoshoot is done at a favourite place or a space that holds sentimental value for you as a couple. Or perhaps at the Venue where your big day will take place; a perfect opportunity to seek out perfect photo spots!

Bagden Hall

Space is an essential element to consider when planning your big day; with so much to think about; do you want a themed wedding? A charming rustic countryside spot perhaps, or are you more of the city chic type? Do you need space for hundreds of guests, or just the nearest and dearest. You should also think about what season your big day falls in; often the landscape around your Venue can alter dramatically with just a change in the season; an all night summer party or a winter wonderland in just a matter of months…

And once you’ve chosen your dream venue, choosing a wedding and event stylist to create a well tailored and stylish ambience is another crucial aspect to consider…  Tracy, from Tracy Williamson Designs has helped to ease any uncertainties around themes and making the most of the space you have, with some great points to consider!

‘’ For some couples and venue stylists the venue itself or location will invite a theme, whether it be rustic, fairytale, vintage, modern, country and so on but the considered use of space is also a crucial aspect to bear in mind to make your wedding stand out from the rest.’’

Typically, Summer is of course the most popular season for weddings, especially outdoor weddings, with the ever-growing popularity of marquees and tipi’s as they can accommodate a large number of guests. Sadly, at present, due to the pandemic wedding guest numbers may be restricted for a while longer, but as always we remain hopeful for the future, and Tracy has some great advice on creating a beautiful setting for a more intimate celebration!

‘’ Soft lighting helps create an intimate arena for wedding ceremonies and this works particularly well for more smaller, intimate weddings – throw in some natural candlelight, lanterns and fairy lights then you can accentuate the areas that you wish to highlight. Of course when it comes to the chillier months throughout Autumn and Winter, creating a warm and inviting ambience is key.  Including warmer, rich colours such as terracotta, teal, navy blue, burgundy and teamed with metallics such as silver, copper or gold really do help transform a function room into a warm and welcoming space for you and your guests.’’

wedding stylist
Despite months of planning, your big day can often come and go in a flash, so it’s really important to take some space to yourselves to reflect on the day as a newly married couple. You’ve had the best day imaginable and now all you want to do is relax and unwind to spend quality time together; and a honeymoon offers the perfect opportunity to do that! There are lots of travel experts which can assist you with putting together the perfect honeymoon itinerary, and Gill Matthews, from Not Just Travel encourages you to do so!

‘’Whether you go long distance to a tropical island, or spend a couple of nights in a quaint County house Hotel, having the time to spend together and the space just to be alone with one another is just what you need after the hustle and bustle of your big day!’’


So remember, hands, face, space can come in handy in all aspects of life! If you need any inspiration or help with planning your big day, pick out a comfy space, sit down with a cuppa, and use your hands to log onto one of our virtual wedding fayres! There are plenty of friendly faced industry professionals ready to answer any questions you might have, to make sure you still have the day of your dreams.

Stay positive; better days are on their way!



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