Menswear – The Biggest Trends in Wedding Suits We’ve Seen This Year

Wedding attire is undoubtedly evolving, and 2019 is a hugely exciting and intriguing year for grooms with an eye for fashion. While traditional trends still have a place, there’s scope for grooms to be bolder in their approach to big day outfits. If you’re tying the knot, and you’re looking for inspiration for a knockout wedding suit, here are some of the biggest and best menswear trends we’ve seen so far this year.

wedding suitsImage courtesy of Antich Fine English tailors 

3-piece perfection

If you’re organising a formal wedding, or you’re eager to look the part on your wedding day, you cannot go wrong with a well-fitted 3-piece suit. Whether Gareth Southgate is your fashion icon or not, there’s no doubt that the waistcoat is back. Three-piece wedding suits are smart and stylish, but they’re also modern and cool. For grooms who want to embody that formal image without donning tails, this is a perfect choice. Opt for the entire ensemble for the ceremony, and then remove the jacket and pull up the sleeves for a more casual look for the evening reception and greater flexibility and freedom of movement for that all-important first dance routine. Three-piece suits come in a range of colours and styles, and you can choose to add accessories, including a tie, bowtie or a pocket square to carry a theme or colourway.

Black tie brilliance

There’s nothing more suave and sophisticated than black tie. If your wedding is an opulent celebration staged in a country house, a castle, or a 5-star hotel, and you’re hoping to add glamour and drama to the occasion, wearing black tie is a fabulous idea. You can run with the theme and specify a black tie dress code for all your guests, or you can steal the show and grab the limelight with your own tailored suit and chic bowtie combo. To get this trend right, fit is key, so make sure you leave time to try on different sizes and allow for alterations. With black tie, it’s best to keep accessories and finer details to a minimum. Once you’ve got patent shoes and a classic bow tie, all you need is a pair of understated cufflinks and a buttonhole. White flowers work perfectly.

Prints and patterns

In days gone by, turning up to a wedding in prints and patterns was unheard of, but today, almost anything goes. Patterned shirts, printed ties and decorative waistcoats have all been spotted in wedding magazines and online galleries. Match the pattern to the venue and theme, and complement printed pieces with chic basics. If you’re going for a rural location with a country-fair or festival theme, for example, team a floral shirt with a simple 2-piece suit and brogues. If you’re getting married in a cosmopolitan city centre hotel, add a houndstooth waistcoat to a slim-fit black suit and patent shoes.

Bold brights

The days of choosing between black, navy or charcoal are long gone. In 2019, grooms are being bolder with colour than ever before. For autumn and winter weddings, shades of deep red, burgundy and petrol blue proved popular, while spring/summer is shaping up to be a celebration of pastel hues and bolder neutrals. If you are thinking of embracing a more playful palette, try some different coloured suits for size, and opt for a shade that complements your

skin tone and also the colours chosen by the bridal party. If you’re going for a colourful suit, keep the rest of the look fairly simple. White shirts are a perfect addition to any suit.

Slim-fit silhouettes

Every groom wants to look their best on their wedding day. If you’ve been working out, eating well, and you’re in great shape, it’s understandable to want to show off the fruits of your labour and feel confident in a suit that fits like a glove. Slim-fit wedding suits, and even skinny suits are all the rage this year, and they’re a great alternative to the baggier, less flattering options that were commonplace during the 1990s and 2000s. Trying on different styles is essential for grooms who are interested in the slim-fit silhouette. Suits look very different on a body to the hanger, and you might find that some cuts suit your body shape and physique much better than others. It’s worth bearing in mind that it is possible to make alterations, so don’t settle for anything that doesn’t fit you perfectly or make you feel incredible. If you don’t mind spending a little more, a bespoke tailored suit is the ultimate treat.

Lightweight, sunshine-friendly suits

Are you getting married abroad, or is the date set for a summer wedding? If you’re hoping to look the business without worrying about overheating, you’ll be pleased to hear that lightweight materials are making waves in 2019. Linen and cotton suits are ideal for destination weddings and summer occasions, and they create a really stylish, effortlessly cool aesthetic. Opt for beige or pastel blue and add brown loafers and a crisp, open-neck white shirt for a trendy, comfortable look for a laid-back beach, barn or farmhouse wedding.

Mix and match

Traditionally, many grooms tend to dress their ushers and family members in the same wedding suits, but this year, there’s been a shift in the dynamic. Just as mismatched bridesmaid dresses have become increasingly popular in recent years, mix and match suits are also hitting the style headlines. By choosing the same cut, for example, you can experiment with colours, accessories or prints to create a unique look that really works. If you’ve got a slim-fit trouser with exposed ankles and brogues, for example, you could choose a colour or a couple of complementary tones and dress some of your ushers in a shirt and tie, some with a blazer with an open neck and some with a shirt and waistcoat.

Dressing for a wedding has never been more exciting for grooms. With all kinds of trends and styles out there and scope to go for an individual look, grooms have the freedom to put an outfit together that celebrates and showcases their style, flair and personality. 

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