‘Minding the gap’ between saying YES and I DO.

‘Minding the gap’ between saying YES and I DO.


Is this you?


“Whose wedding is this anyway?”

“Why do I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with it all?”

“How do I manage it all, keep it all together and

make sure everyone has a great time, including me?”


Is the gap between the saying ‘yes I will’ to your man 

and the wedding date wearing you out?


I remember my first wedding (I’m in a second

marriage now) being a bit of a blur and afterwards

thinking was that really what I wanted?


I noticed that I had not really spoken up about what

I wanted, didn’t really take much notice of what my

husband – to – be wanted and ignored my inner voice

around issues that were popping up around ‘losing’

me, my identity, the transition to becoming someone’s

wife and what that meant to me……and more…..


I was swept away with the romance of it all!


My second wedding was very different. I was asked to

show up in my dress, looking beautiful!

He organised it all and it was truly lovely…..all I had

asked for, unbeknown to me!


If you are wondering how to hold it together, be at

peace, no matter what happens before, during and

after your wedding and learn how to ask for what you

want in ways that work, you can contact me direct on –





Set your marriage off to a good start. 


Learn how to have those ‘difficult’ conversations

around who does what, when and how……


The money chat.


See how you can keep the love growing and growing….


Nowadays there are many ‘blended’ families…..

How do you manage the seating arrangements, the

formalities around a wedding?

How do you let go of not having it exactly as you

want, allowing for others to feel ok with exes, any

unresolved family ‘issues’ and their past….?


And most importantly, how do YOU get to REALLY 

enjoy both the run up and the day itself, one of the 

most significant and wonderful days of your life!


With love

Sundy Gilchrist


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