South Yorkshire Wedding Fayre

South Yorkshire Wedding Fayre

Join us for the South Yorkshire Virtual Wedding Fayre – the show starts at 12 Join us as we head towards Spring for our fabulous South Yorkshire Virtual Wedding Fayre. Bringing you some of the finest wedding suppliers the region has to offer, with top tips and advice as well as information on their services and how to get in touch! This interactive event is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions, in real-time, and speak LIVE with the exhibitors! 🙂

South Yorkshire Virtual Wedding Fayre: A Digital Delight for Brides and Grooms

In an era where virtual events have become the new norm, the South Yorkshire Virtual Wedding Fayre stands out as a beacon for couples planning their big day. Organized by Wedding Fayres Yorkshire, this event was initially slated to be held at Tankersley Manor but transitioned online due to unforeseen circumstances.

The virtual fayre, streamed live on Facebook, showcased a curated list of 10 exceptional wedding suppliers, each bringing their unique offerings to the table. The interactive nature of the event allowed viewers to engage directly with the suppliers, asking questions and receiving real-time responses.

The show kicked off with a mesmerizing performance by Alicia, a talented violinist who set the tone with her enchanting melodies. Playing live, Alicia’s renditions of classics like “Palladio” by Karl Jenkins and Robbie Williams’ “Feel” captivated the audience, transporting them to a world of musical bliss.

But the music was just the beginning. The event promised a diverse range of suppliers, from cake designers and photographers to bridalwear specialists and venue representatives. Each segment was designed to provide viewers with insights, tips, and a glimpse into what each supplier had to offer.

One of the highlights of the event was the special video prepared by Tankersley Manor, giving viewers a virtual tour and insights into what the venue has to offer for wedding celebrations.

In conclusion, the South Yorkshire Virtual Wedding Fayre was more than just an online event; it was a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the wedding industry. It showcased how, even in challenging times, love and celebrations could find a way.

00:01:37 – Alesia Violin

00:08:09 – Cristello Couture

00:26:45 – Party Cakes

00:41:55 – Grant Hypnotist

00:46:19 – Stylish Settings

00:54:23 – Jellybean Photobooth

01:03:35 – News from Wedding Fayres Yorkshire

01:12:07 – Party cake (return)

01:26:17 – Gemini Photography

01:49:04 – Everafter Bridalwear

02:03:32 – A Taste of Italy

02:18:58 – Katrina’s Bespoke Cakes

02:38:25 – Sigmund Kasatkin Photography

02:58:32 – Tankersley Manor Hotel

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