Gemini Photography


Gemini Photography

Founded by the charismatic Lloyd Bunting and established more than 30 years across Yorkshire and beyond, Gemini provides many additional and innovative features to their photo and video services at no extra cost.

For example, at a Wedding, they print around 100 mounted photos and display them throughout the venue long before the evening guests arrive. These act as a gift for the guests to take as a memento of the day (an attractive and cost-effective alternative to table favours).

Be it attending your Wedding like guests with cameras or shooting a more relaxed photoshoot with your friends/family/kids/babies/pets, Lloyd and business partner Tom are highly reliable ‘people people’ who love what they do and pride themselves on making your time before the camera fun.

Being different doesn’t mean a compromise on quality, however

Over the years we have provided our different approach to Wedding Photography and/or Videography for more than 1,500 couples. Each wedding is different and so our approach and love for what we do never tires.

On the morning of the Wedding day, Lloyd and Tom work separately, each focusing their attentions on capturing those precious memories of one half of the special couple. This ensures an equal weighting of photographs and takes away the pressure for the bride to be ready at a certain time in order for a solo shooter to cover the groom’s arrival in the ceremony venue.

Traditional family photographs are a standard feature of what we cover. These are organised by ourselves so you can relax and not have to worry about them on the day. Examples of these are the bride and groom with parents, bride and groom with siblings etc. These take minutes to achieve as this information is available to ourselves on pre-prepared cards discreetly in our pockets.
Images under normal circumstances will be available a week to ten days after your Wedding. Every image is provided on a 64Gb USB in a presentation box. Quantity can range between 2,000 and 4,000 images dependant on the content of your day. You receive every single image we take of your day.


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