Ross Walker Photography


I have now shot over 100 weddings and I genuinely care about every couple, every wedding. The intention behind each shoot is the same as it always has been: create a unique story, a piece of art that you will fall totally in love with. No set poses, no set routines, not a repetition of someone else’s wedding. In-the-moment creativity shared between us. Entirely Unique. How it should be.

A wedding is not an isolated set of individual photographs. It’s a story. A celebration of two people in love, shared with family and friends, it’s a story that moves you. A story that engages you, that encourages you to laugh, and to cry

I can’t help but always smile, because weddings are fantastic fun. Wonderfully unique moments in time that deserve to be captured and turned into a story. A story to be told to generations to come.

I capture this story.