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Temujin Sowerby Bridge restaurant is on the 1st Floor of a regenerated warehouse overlooking the very scenic and picturesque narrow boat mooring area in the beautiful canal basin. 

Put simply we are specialist in endless Mongolian Stir-fry. It is an extremely exciting, healthy, entertaining and a unique eating experience. The main course is the main feature in the restaurants where you may go up to the fridge display (as many times as you wish) and combine either a meat, ranging from kangaroo to chicken, seafood, New Zealand green lipped mussels among them, or a protein, tofu or quorn, with a massive variety of vegetables. Hand your creation to the chef who will stir-fry it, using oils, sauces and garnishes, right before your eyes. The choices are literally endless, where you can create millions of stir fries! 

We also have a wide range of fantastic starters and two pages of delightful desserts which can be chosen from the menu, the majority of them being home made and are prepared in the kitchen, then bought to your table.

The flexibility of the concept allows us to cater extensively to a variety of tastes, especially meatarians, piscetarians, vegetarians and fussy eaters. We are also a great choice for those with food intolerances and allergies especially those with wheat and gluten issues. All our menus have indicators for such persons. For more information, go to www.healthystirfry.com where all our menus and drinks lists are.




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