Top 10 Reasons Why Hotel Weddings Rule.

When you first get engaged, the idea of planning the wedding doesn’t always become a top priority for you. Most of the time, you’re in newly engaged bliss, and you’re excited to enjoy the moment. Because it is a romantic time in your life, and it’s nice to just enjoy being in this phase. However, after a few days or weeks, you’re going to find that you’re out of the haze and now the idea of actually planning the wedding is hanging over you. And this can be overwhelming.

 Wortley hall

Where do you start? What should you choose? How much should you choose? There are a lot of different questions that might be going around and around in your mind – that’s normal. But when it comes to getting things underway, there’s often one place that you’ll want to start with. And as much as you might like to pick a date right away, you can’t always do that without first choosing a venue.


As you start to think about the when and where you’re going to get married, you’ll soon realise that you need to see what availability your dream venue has before you decide on the date. Or, if you’re set on a set date, weekend, month, or season, you may need to be a bit more flexible. Either way, you need to nail the venue.


And this brings us nicely onto the topic for today – hotel weddings. Because they really do rule! You can get so many great benefits from a hotel wedding venue, and they really can make your special day extra special. Here’s why.

The Venue Itself

So the very first benefit is that the venue itself is going to be beautiful. Hotel weddings are notoriously incredible! When you choose a stunning hotel, whether it’s traditional and rich in history, or ultra-modern and incredibly chic, you will have the wedding of a lifetime when you decide to get married at a beautiful hotel.

 The Space

Next up, you really do have to acknowledge that you’re going to get a lot of space when you choose a hotel as your venue. You don’t just have the space for the ceremony. As we all know, hotels have many rooms and spaces. So if you want different rooms for different functions, then a hotel with its many function spaces and rooms, can be perfect for you.

 The Views & Surroundings

Of course, most of the time you’ll find that you are going to get absolutely gorgeous views and surroundings with a hotel wedding too. After all, you choose the place for its setting, right? If you know that you want to be able to have great wedding photos and the background and shots really matter to you, then picking out a stunning hotel for your wedding will be your best move.

Bolton castle


Now, this isn’t always going to be an advantage from every single venue that you look at. However, when it comes to hotel weddings, you get accommodation too. Sometimes, you can get this included in your wedding fee, sometimes, you’ll rent the rooms. Either way, if you’d like to be able to stay at the venue, and your guests need space to stay too, then getting married at a hotel is a great idea for you.


For a lot of people, the food is going to be a huge part of the day – particularly when you’re a foodie. So if you want to make sure that the food served throughout the day is outstanding, hotel weddings could be for you. These days, hotels have excellent restaurants, chefs, and catering facilities. Michelin Star standard even! So do a tasting and prepare to be blown away!


Next up, you’re also going to want to think about the location and the benefits hotel weddings can offer you here too. Maybe you want to be near to an airport or other transport links? Maybe you want to be in a central location? Maybe you want to be in a stunning countryside location? We all know that hotels are always well-located, so you will always win!



warmsworth wedding

Hotel weddings also allow you to access first-class facilities during the wedding period too. Fancy a spa day before you get wed? Want to hit the gym the morning after? Love the idea of an afternoon tea before you head off? Then choosing to get married at a stunning hotel is going to be a great decision for you.


Next up, another huge benefit that comes with getting married in a hotel is that you get options. You don’t have to feel fenced into a set look or design. There are often different spaces that you can choose to get married in. And you can customise your day in terms of look, feel, and agenda, based on what you want to get out of your special day. Heaven!

The Dedication, Expertise & Experience

Now, one of the best things that come with hotel weddings is that you get a dedicated wedding planner to help you! If you really don’t want to take on the burden of making this work out on your own, then working with a wedding planner is going to be a blessing. And when you get married at a hotel, the hotel with have their own experienced planner to help you. 


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