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Wedding Planner

A universally accepted way to plan your wedding is to hire professionals. There are far too many variables for inexperienced people to manage and professionals typically have connections in the industry which makes them valuable assets when planning a wedding. It can feel like a no brainer that you should get in touch with a planner before you do anything wedding-related, but what are the actual advantages of hiring a wedding planner and who are the people behind these services?

wedding planner

Wedding Planning Involves Many People


While a wedding planner is usually referred to as a single person, the reality is that there are many people involved in the process. The planner leads the project and they work with their contacts to tackle the various challenges of planning a wedding. If you want something specific to be a part of your wedding, they’ll handle it as best as they can and contact people that have the knowledge and expertise to assist you.


In a way, a wedding planner is an intermediary that contacts all the relevant companies and people that you need to get in touch with about your wedding. This can be the culinary team at your venue, the venue itself, the company providing the flowers or even the company providing the wedding dress. With so many different components involved in a single wedding, it helps to have someone experienced manage everything for you.


The Dangers of an Inexperienced Wedding Planner


Weddings can be considered the best day of someone’s life. It’s a life-changing moment that should be filled with happiness in every way, but the reality is that there are many challenges that need to be overcome before it can even start to feel like the perfect day.


When hiring an inexperienced wedding planner with no credentials or a bad reputation, you may end up with a service that is sub-par and fails to meet your expectations. Here are some of the disadvantages involved when hiring an inexperienced wedding planner.


  • More stress involved due to the incompetence of an inexperienced wedding planner
  • Failure to meet your wedding vision and compromising on too many things
  • Inability to stick to your budget constraints and overcharging for a poor service
  • Lack of industry contacts which limits the choice of services available to you
  • No discounts from vendors due to their lack of reputation, resulting in higher costs
  • Poor communication which leaves you in the dark during the planning process
  • In some cases, an inexperienced wedding planner will push products and services they’re affiliated with instead of offering you a wide range of choices


These are just some of the dangers associated with inexperienced wedding planners. In short, they’re not worth the cheaper costs that they may come with and it’s vital that you rely on a service that has a solid reputation. This will ensure that the service manages to plan a wedding that is representative of your vision instead of trying to shape your wedding day to their specification. Your wedding day should be personalized to your experiences and tastes, not the wedding planner’s agenda.


wedding planner


Getting to Know Your Wedding Planner


It’s incredibly important to get to know your wedding planner. A lot of people make the mistake of simply looking at social media or websites for inspiration on which planner to hire. In fact, some people would just sign up to a service without first meeting with the planner or the staff at the company they work for. You don’t get an idea of what the wedding planner is capable of and you don’t learn about their contacts, their motivations or their skills.


This is one of the reasons why wedding fairs are so important in the overall planning process of your wedding. A wedding fair can be a fun and inspirational event, but it’s also a great place to meet people involved in the wedding industry. From venue managers to wedding planners and suppliers, there’s a wide range of people that attend these events and it can be enlightening to meet and chat with them.


Once you get to know people in the industry, it makes asking questions much easier. Asking about the planner’s experience, their motivations and even the services they recommend can all give an insight into how suitable a planner is for your wedding. Not all planners will be suitable for your needs, hence why it’s important to meet them face-to-face and learn more about them beforehand. Here are some benefits that will help illustrate the value of getting to know your planner better.


  • Having a good relationship with your planner helps to make communication easier so that you’re always in the loop
  • A wedding planner that knows more about you, your partner and your life can help you make decisions which will personalize your wedding and make it even more special
  • Wedding planners that have good connections in the industry can help you land discounts which will lower the cost of your wedding or give you access to more venues and services
  • Experienced planners are able to stay within your budget constraints to maximize value out of every penny you spend
  • You won’t face any stress in decision making and you can focus on the creative side of wedding planning to ensure that the day is perfect for you and your partner

wedding planner

The Importance of Doing Your Research


Wedding planning can be daunting if it’s not managed by an experienced planner. Doing your research by attending multiple wedding fairs and reaching out to different services can help you build a shortlist of potential candidates that are suitable for helping you put together an outstanding and memorable wedding.


Getting to know the people behind wedding businesses will ensure that your wedding is everything you hoped for. Your wedding will become one of the most important days of your life, hence why you should be taking every precaution to prevent it from becoming a disaster that haunts you and your partner. By putting in the extra effort in finding the right planner and building a solid relationship with them, you’ll have a far better chance of putting together the wedding of your dreams.


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